The humble beginnings of admitting the lack of knowledge and the path of documenting the road to success.

Joseph Bailey

1% better everyday.

It is the little things that really matter. Build up my skills in all areas 1% everyday will lead to big changes. Making those small steps to the big exciting project. In the end it is not about what you have. It is all about where you want to go from there and the path that you take to help you get there.

What this is all about

Nobody starts off with the knowledge they need to jump into their dream job. It all takes those little leaps of faith to start something and do it poorly, but it is not done poorly forever.

Who am I?

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.”

A calm patience minded individual with an endless curiosity. A strong desire to continuously learn about everything in the infinite universe. With an affinity about technology to which I land willing to take on the challenges ahead.

“The first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.”

Richard Feynman

People no matter where life takes you, we are all just humans doing their best to what they see is right in their world. People of all dispositions will be encountered in all work environments. The differentiations of individuals is what makes the human experience special. The greatest way to my knowledge to enjoy work life as along with life in general. Is to be of service to others helping out when when possible and helping others grow. Rising the tide of others around you so we all are able to thrive. The more the people around you are lifted up the more opportunity and time is now accessible to strive farther.

Joseph Bailey

Member of the working class

School is definitely not the deciding factor of the level of ones worth or work ethic. It is the opportunity that is given to the individual. The opportunity to have an environment where everyone who is there to help  you succeed. A unique place where a student is protected and given endless resources to further their insight into the world. Only until after high school did I realize this tremendous opportunity. I am very grateful that students presented with this option.

Joseph Bailey

Graduate Student

The measure of a character is not made by the title at work, the grades at school or the wealth established. While they all can help in the perspectives of those who are measuring those attributes. What we do have that is a measurement of ones character that transcends the obtainable metrics is how we treat one another.

Joseph Bailey

The making of the man